I lost something but found something even better

People lose things all the time: car keys, wallets, concert tickets, their minds. it happens to the best of us. You eventually find what you’re looking for and you move on; no big deal. But what if the thing you lose isn’t so trivial? What if the thing you lost was much more than that? Sometimes we lose things that we never thought we would. Sometimes we lose people. Sometimes we lose ourselves. & that’s a hard thing to deal with.

When you lose something you love, it kinda sucks. When you lose a person you love, it really sucks. But when you lose yourself, it’s confusing and scary and unfair. But that doesn’t mean that it is going to stay that way. If there is one thing i have learned in the past months, it is that sometimes losing yourself can be a good thing. It just gives you another chance to figure your way back to being the person you want to be. Sometimes it’s the best thing for you.

Finally forcing yourself to go through life with positivity is a good thing. Learning healthy coping mechanisms when things don’t go as planned is a good thing. Finally taking responsibility for yourself and working towards a better you is a good thing. & I think i’ve started to do just that. The common factor across all of these improvements? My renewed love of Jesus Christ. My faith has never been as solid as I would like it be. Quite frankly, I’ve never put in the effort because I never felt the need. But lately, for the first time in a long time, I felt the need. & I’ve felt it hard. All it takes is a few prayers and a promise to live continually for Jesus, and that need starts to be fulfilled.

So yeah, God works in weird ways. And yes, sometimes you have to feel the lowest of the low to see that you really are never alone. But I’m forever thankful for the things I’ve lost.  Remember the losses –  they showed me what I have left to seek: a greater relationship with my God.

Sometimes losing things can be a good thing. Sometimes there is something better in store.


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