The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

Oh, Amy. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. You had me laughing as you recount your countless failed attempts at a romantic relationship and smiling & nodding in agreement as you talk about your insane love for pasta. As a whole, this book radiated everything Amy Schumer; from the crude humor and profanity to the constant deprecation of self evident in every chapter, it is obvious that this book is truly from the heart.

Though I think my favorite aspect about this book was the wide variety of topics amy covered within it. I always appreciate her obvious lack of personal boundaries when it comes to story telling, it makes everything seem more raw. A majority of the chapters told embarrassing tales of Amy’s past involving one night stands, childhood downfalls, and the struggles of relating to parents as a teenager. However, a few of the chapters stood apart from the rest, recounting personal experiences with issues like sexual assault, domestic violence, gun violence, and rejection. It is this diversity held within its pages that made this book so special.

Regardless of your opinion of Amy Schumer as an actress, comedian, person, etc. (there seems to be a very visible generation gap in the perception of her style of humor), I can almost guarantee that you would relate to at least one of the chapters in this book. Or, if you’re more of fan, you will relate to more. Either way, I hardly regret reading this book, and will definitely keep it on the shelf for a rainy day when I need some laughs. Solid 8/10 collection of essays; it’s is definitely worth a read.


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