The Great Gatsby (Round 2)

This is the second time I have read this book. The only difference is that the first time was required and this time I read it for pleasure; the difference in my perception in the book was astonishing! The first time through I found the plot slow-moving and uneventful; however, this time I was consistently engrossed in the character development and noticed a much larger quantity of detail.

I think that reading it through at my own pace without the worry of being tested over literary devices used in the novel allowed me to enjoy it more. The evolution of each individual character within the novel is what I enjoyed most. Whether it was the way the reader slowly learned more and more about the past of Jay Gatsby, or the sometimes conflicting inner thoughts of Nick Carraway, Fitzgerald did an excellent job of keeping the reader wanting more with each turn of the page.

Even though I had read it before, a large portion of the plot details had escaped my memory. While there was no huge plot twist that was completely unexpected, I was kept on my toes trying to remember what happened next, with many incorrect guesses along the way. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. going in with an open mind and ready for some portions of extreme detail, The Great Gatsby could be a new favorite. Solid 8/10, you should definitely read it.


One thought on “The Great Gatsby (Round 2)

  1. I’m always surprised by modern perspectives, like the theory that Nick was in love with Gatsby. I think the subtler dimensions of emotion are lost on a lot of people; you can admire someone and love them and even want to be them without it involving a physical aspect. Of course, these are also all the things that make serial killers so special.

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