Why I Dance – Dance Big Red 2017

iIn 6 days, I will be participating once again in Dance Big Red! DBR is a 12 hour dance fundraising event that benefits norton children’s hospital in Louisville, KY! The money will specifically benefit the cardiology and young adult cancer units within the hospital! Last year as a freshman, I was a participant and absolutely loved it – I fell in love with the event and the cause and the families and children it benefits. I knew then that I not only wanted, but needed to do more. This year I have taken up a leadership role within DBR and am a committee member on the morale committee. My job is to aid in keeping everyone excited throughout the event and make sure no one sits! (12 full hours on your feet!) I plan to apply for an executive position next year and hopefully continue to make DBR better and better every year! But until then, the most important thing I have to do now is FUNDRAISE FUNDRAISE FUNDRAISE! Last year we raised $25,450.39!! This is only DBR’s third year in existence, and in just 2 years we have raised over $40,000 and we won’t stop there! This year we are aiming higher with a goal of $50,000!

That being said, I’d like to tell you a little more about why I dance. I dance because it means something to me. When I first participated in Dance Big Red, I did it because it sounded fun, and I had friends to hang out with the whole time. But once I was there, I realized this event is so much more than a place to hang out with friends. During the event, I had the honor of hearing the stories of multiple families who have been directly impacted by Norton Children’s Hospital, and I have experienced the gratitude and love they feel towards all of us working to help them through their struggles. I understand now why I had chills during their speeches. I understand now why this event was started. I know that it is for something greater. Hearing the testimonies of parents who love their children unconditionally and have seen their children go through hell is a powerful experience that I cannot even begin to explain. The gratitude they show is made obvious through their words and laughs and tears. Knowing that I can have a part in lessening their trouble is something that I will hold dear to my heart; it is what will keep me going through the night. That is why I dance. Because I know that it has an impact. I know that while it seems like a bunch of 20 year olds dancing all night for no reason, but I promise you that it carries much more weight than that. I know that my sore muscles and lack of sleep can help save the life of a child in need; the bags under my eyes are a small price to pay for the opportunity to save a life.

If you can find it in your heart to donate, know that it is immensely appreciated and will not go unnoticed. You can help save a child by donating to this cause. {The link is at the bottom of this post – I promise you won’t regret it} I’m currently only $29 away from the goal I have set for myself, but would love to surpass it if at all possible. I can only do this with your help! Please consider donating! If monetary donations are not plausible, prayers and good thoughts are always welcome for a successful event and children’s lives being saved.

God bless, thanks for your time.

follow this link if you are interested in donating – thank you so much


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