A Dog’s Purpose

Dear Lord I have never had a book pull harder on my heart. I love dogs more than is probably healthy for me, and this book reminded me of every reason why. The enticing tale of a dog finding his purpose through a plethora of lives and families and scenarios was enough to make me miss my doggos at home (I read this while at school).

Each time the dog lives a life, the situation is slightly different, ranging from a stray living in the woods, a golden retriever in a middle class white family, a police dog, and more. The insight into the dog’s mind is what makes the book so charming, making you think about how your dog may interpret different things you do. Ine of my favorite quotes was in a scene in which the dog’s owner left to go to school, and the dog thought, “Humans are complicated; they do things dogs can’t understand – like leave.” And that just hit me really hard. Obviously, I’m a sappy dog lover, so the whole book hit me hard, but this in particular made me ponder how dogs perceive everything I do. What do my dogs think when U leave to go back to college? Do my dogs know my name? Do my dogs miss my like I miss them? I sure hope they do. I am of the belief that dogs are capable of loyalty and love. Though they definitely do have their moments of simple-mindedness, like when the dog is listening to his person speak and suddenly loses focus and thinks, “My butt itches.”

As a whole, the book made my heart oh so happy, and made me even more grateful for dogs. Like really, what did we do to deserve dogs? How is it that there can be a creature with a heart so pure and loyal and full of love? I will never know, but I will always be thankful for puppers bringing smiles to my face. Your dog may only be a part of your life, but you are their entire world. Dogs are special creatures, and W. Bruce Cameron explains that through this fun, easy to read, happy-go-lucky book. I 100% recommend every dog lover read this book, it will make you smile, and it will make you miss your dog. Guaranteed.

Apart from the appeal to dog lovers, little bits of life advice are found throughout:

“It’s important to both live in the moment and then go on to the next wonderful thing.”

“I [the dog] wondered briefly if cats also came back after death, then dismissed the thought because as far as I had ever been able to tell, cats do not have a purpose.”

“Failure isn’t an option if success is just a matter of more effort.”

“I realized that today I truly understood my purpose: not just to find people but to save them.”

So maybe we can all take a little advice from dogs. Love a little harder, always be willing to play and have fun, comfort people when they need it, find your person, enjoy every day, do things that make you happy, work hard, and find your purpose.

10/10. Go read it. Now.


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