How am I Already a Junior in College?

As the first week of my summer break comes to a close, it is finally starting to hit me that my time on the hill is halfway over. I am finished with 2/4 of my undergraduate career. Seniors aren’t kidding when they tell you it goes by fast.

As this realization was starting to hit me, a good friend of mine (who just graduated) asked me a question. He started by saying, “Think about all of your time on the hill, the goods and the bads, think about your classes and friends and everything you’ve done in the past two years.” At this point I thought he was going to ask me what I would change, because that’s how that question always starts out. I was thinking, “Oh gosh I have no idea, I’m not in the mood for soul searching right now, I just finished finals.” But, to my surprise, the conversation took an unexpected turn. He continued and said, “Now just think, all of those good and bad memories, you get to do all of it again. You’re halfway finished, but that means you have half of college left ahead of you.”

This proclamation, although seemingly obvious, left me dumbfounded. I was so focused on the fact that 2 years had flown by that I had forgotten to think about the 2 years ahead. So yes, it is sad that I am now a junior in college, preparing to take the MCAT, thinking about where I want to/can apply for medical school, but I’m also a college junior, who still has two full years ahead of him. 2 years that will be filled with more friendships, more late night gads runs, more all-nighters studying, more dances, more parties, more movie nights, more everything to look forward to. and I couldn’t be more excited that WKU is the place where I get to continue living my life.

WKU is a special place. It’s a place where people genuinely want to be. So often as the semester comes to a close you see countless Snapchats or Facebook posts from students from other universities with sayings like “you will not be missed” accompanying pictures of dorm rooms, academic buildings, or campus in general. But I have yet to encounter one of those from a fellow Hilltopper. I long to be back on the hill. And that’s something really special. In my experience, WKU isn’t a place where people just go for school, WKU is place that people call home.

I’m already looking forward to my third year on the Hill, and as always, Go Tops!


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