Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Jenny Lawson is a genius. A crazy, mentally ill, funny, lovable, eccentric genius. Furiously Happy is a comedic work of art that has so many levels below the humor. The true beauty in this memoir or humor novel or whatever it is is found in the authenticity that is so evident on every single page. This book is a window into the daily life of Lawson, a normal wife and mother with not so normal brain chemistry.

Lawson’s vulnerability throughout is both charming and thought provoking. Beneath the humor is a story about a woman is dealing with mental health problems every single day. It is her story and she tells it PROUDLY, as she should. Her words and stories make the abnormal acceptable and allow others dealing with mental illness to be open about their struggles. Mental illness does not make you weak, it makes you imperfect, just like every other human on the planet. Lawson so willingly lets herself be the butt of every joke to bring joy to her readers.

It’s not all fun and games, though. One or two chapters get very real. They touch on topics of self harm and the crippling thoughts caused by depression and anxiety. They shed light on how mental illness affects each individual differently, and how people can try to help.

I really am not that good with words (why do I have a blog?) so I’m not quite sure what else to say other than YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK. It brought me more genuine laughter and smiles than any book has in a long while. 10/10, favorite memoir I have read. Please just do yourself a favor and get off of this website and go buy Furiously Happy.


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