An Excerpt From My Journal

*taken verbatim from my journal*

Monday, 6/26/17

Dear Friend, I’m trying this new thing & writing this as a letter b/c I just read Perks of Being a Wallflower. I told everyone I was rereading it even though this was the 1st time I’ve read it. Why did/do I do that? I’ve realized I care what people think a lot more than I lead on, but not in a bad way I guess? Idk.  I think I said it to make myself seem smarter? Not really sure. [I’m gonna work on being more honest. With myself & others]. Anyways, I just read it. It’s even better than the movie.

The past few days I’ve really been trying to notice the little things. And what I’m about to say will probably sound really cliche & forced, but this is 100% truth. One example was last week. I got home (I don’t remember from where, but that’s not important) & as I was walking to my front door (still feels weird thinking I have a home), the bell tower started to play. And it was playing “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. (I really like this song b/c it always makes me think of the newer version of the parent trap movie b/c it’s the song that plays when one of the two Lindsay Lohans is driving to her home in London. Not sure why this makes me smile, but it does every time without fail).

*Right now is another one of those moments. Sitting in Spencer’s & “Can’t Help Falling in Love” started to play. It always makes me happy. I guess it always makes me think of friends and past relationships that I had in high school. The song always made me feel hopeful in times when I was regularly feeling hopeless. It really is a great song, especially the twenty one pilots cover.

Wow, I’m getting very distracted. (Writing the word “wow” made me think of Christina Bacon & made me smile). Back to the 1st story, when the Beatles song rang through BG, I just stopped & stood still in my driveway & listened until it stopped playing. & the sun was setting & and the sky was yellow & pink & my yard was covered in sunshine & I was so happy. It really is the little things.

I can think of another few examples right now, but I don’t feel the need to write them. But yeah, these are the things that make me smile, & I hope they make you smile too. & if not, I hope you have your own things that make you smile. I really do.

Love Always,



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