The Secret Life of Bees

This novel by Sue Monk Kidd was an unexpected favorite. Like the kind of book that really made me think and question things. Things like, ‘maybe I should drop out of school and be a beekeeper.” (Sorry, mom). But really, this novel is one that is definitely timeless. Even though the civil rights act happened long ago, racism still persists. Even though children may no longer pack a bag, run away, and join the circus, people still run away or live at home, unhappy with their lives. People still stand up for what they believe in. People still want to know where they came from. People still love other people. And that is what this novel is about.

Lily Owens is a girl who has always wondered about things. About bees, about her mother, about doing more than going to hair school. She wants to be a writer. She wants to know about things. Lily had a bad home life, and one thing led to another, and she find herself hitch hiking 2 hours away to a new city with Rosaleen, her black nanny of sorts, in search of something. Literally anything, that could help her find out about her mother and for a place she might be able to call home.

Please read it, it’s very good. It makes you think about the things you love, the people you love, and how you should always love people more than you love things.


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