Diary of an Oxygen Thief

I really don’t know how to start off describing this book. It’s anonymously written, and seemed to lack any tangible essence of a plot. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, it was a super quick and easy read that provided a decent amount of entertainment. I’m just still not quite sure what I […]

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Jenny Lawson is a genius. A crazy, mentally ill, funny, lovable, eccentric genius. Furiously Happy is a comedic work of art that has so many levels below the humor. The true beauty in this memoir or humor novel or whatever it is is found in the authenticity that is so evident on every single page. This […]

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

Oh, Amy. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. You had me laughing as you recount your countless failed attempts at a romantic relationship and smiling & nodding in agreement as you talk about your insane love for pasta. As a whole, this book radiated everything Amy Schumer; from the crude humor and […]

Home is Burning

I recently finished Home is Burning, A Memoir, by Dan Marshall. The book presents itself with a comedic undertone starting with the front cover. A family portrait with descriptions of its members like “addicted to yogurt and pain pills” and “resentful gay intellectual,” alludes to a light hearted story about a slightly dysfunctional family. Little did […]